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“I've worked with Marc on several occasions with him acting as a producer for various musical clients that we have in common. He is very creative, detail oriented, personable, and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with him on future projects and highly recommend him for any musicians who are looking for a first-class producer.”
-Tom Volpicelli, Owner, The Mastering House, Inc.

“Marc is a total professional and a pleasure to deal with. He is thoughtful, reliable and honest. World Cafe Live has partnered with him on several projects and would do so again in a heartbeat.” 
-Laura Wilson, Assistant General Manager/Director of Programming, World Cafe Live

“Marc is a creative, hard-working, determined individual that sees the big picture which is necessary to be successful at project management.” 
-Jay Scott, Executive Director, Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

“In the four years I've worked with Marc Eimer my professional relationship with him has been nothing less than stellar. He's easy to work with, reliable, and above all else great at what he does. He goes above and beyond for everyone he works with. You couldn't ask for a better person to work with.” 
-Andre Coles, Host, Philly Rising at World Cafe Live & Musician

“Marc is personable, attentive and effective. He works well with people addressing their needs and maintaining a professional level that would be asset to any company or organization!!!! I highly recommend him.” 
-Mark Brooks, Assistant Production Manager, Bauder Audio Systems

“I have worked with Marc on numerous occasions. The reason is simple: good business produces repeat customers. Marc operates on the highest level of professionalism. It is his understanding of client relationships and customer service that makes him an invaluable asset to any project.” 
-Damon Hamilton, Musician

“Marc is a great guy, very professional. He will always make you feel at ease while getting
the job done on time.” 
-George Hajioannou, Owner, Studio Logic

“Marc is both a good business manager and marketer, as well as being creative and diligent in his pursuit to make his clients successful. Always great to have him as part of the team.” 
-Rick Prince, President, Prince Consulting Group

“I have worked with Marc off and on for 6 years now and he is hands down one of the most knowledgeable people I know. Not only was he a loyal client of Mirror Image, but a good person to know on a personal level. Whatever he gets his hands in, he is sure to follow through until the end. I would recommend him to anyone, anytime.” 
-Brian Cronin, Owner, Mirror Image Media, LLC

“We worked with Marc on an early NARIP Philadelphia event, and he was excellent, prompt and courteous. He made his wonderful facility available to us and ensured that all guests were made to feel welcome and comfortable. Marc is a great people-person, especially important in the studio world, and we look forward to working with him again soon!” 
-Tess Taylor, President, National Association of Record Industry Professionals

“I met Marc in 2007, and since that time we have collaborated year-round to produce the "Kids Rock for Kids" concert series at World Cafe Live which has raised thousands of dollars in donations for children's charities. Marc has been a great partner in this effort, working with me each season to select charities, schedule events, and oversee donation collections at the events. Marc put in many hours of his personal time for this great cause which has benefitted others in the community. I have also gotten to know Marc professionally through his former company, Range Studios, which completed various projects for Music Training Center. Marc is a well-organized and detail-oriented business manager with strength in marketing, a great sense of the realities of business operations, and an outgoing style which helps his business connect to the community.” 
-Darryl Schick, Chief Operations Officer, Music Training Center Holding, LLC

“We worked with Marc on a recording project at Range studios for one of our clients. He was thorough and attentive, taking care of business exactly as discussed. It was great working with someone so professional as Marc.” 
-Eric (Ric) Cohen, Partner - Owner, Cohen and Silver, LLC - Attorneys-Business Affairs

“Marc has been truly supportive to me as a music producer and musician. He has provided me with numerous production opportunities and always provides superb communication and information during projects.” 
-Steve LaFashia, Owner, Resonant Recording

“I've known Marc for a few years now on both a personal and professional level. He is highly driven and goal oriented. His attention to detail and work ethic is the reason I chose to work with him professionally. My band recorded our demo and our first full length album at Range Recording Studios. Marc not only set up our recording time to accommodate our schedule, but he also took the time to consult with me on our concept for the album release. Our final product would not be what it turned out to be without Marc's help. I would gladly trust Marc with any of my future projects.” 
-Jason Fleury, Musician

“I have worked with Marc Eimer on recording projects for both LP Stiles and Lisa Cavallaro. Marc's ability to manage the project schedules and coordinate the facility staff with the artists needs, was helpful, appreciated and important to the success of the projects. Two thumbs up!” 
-Tom Knauss, Owner, TK Sound Design

“Marc is very detailed oriented and knows his business very well.” 
-Michael Silver, Partner, Cohen & Silver

“All of my experiences with Marc have been excellent. Not only is he professional and a master at his craft, but he understands how personal music is and works hard to ensure the creative potential of his artists is maximized. I will certainly continue to use his services going forward. He has been a tremendous help to my band and my musical career.” 
-Matthew Varga, Musician, Rivers Monroe (Band)

“As an artist/producer, working at Range Recording Studios with Marc was a tremendous asset for us in knowing that Marc knew the proper ways to market & manage entertainment. Whether in the recording studio or out performing at a live venue, Marc was an experienced, knowledgeable & thorough associate to work with. When you wanted something important to get done & it was in Marc's hands, you had nothing to worry about because you knew it definitely would get done, the right way, the first time.” 
-Eddie Davis, Bandleader, Eddie Davis Band & The EastCoast Horns

“Marc is a hard working, loyal, intelligent and focused. He is great at working on a project and seeing it through in great detail. He would be an asset to any organization.”
-Daniel B. Leider, VP, Yentis Real Estate Co. & Former Owner, Range Records, LTD.

“Marc follows through and gets the job done. He's straightforward with clear communication.” 
-Jim Walsh, Publicist, Big Hassle

“I worked with Marc during my time as senior editor of Main Line Today magazine. We featured a column entitled MLT Must that focused on must-read, listen, see or do "things" brought to life on the Main Line and western suburbs (and a little taste of Philly too). Through my connection to Marc, I was able to stay ahead of the curve on local musicians, many of whom Marc helped bring into the spotlight locally and beyond. His sincere knowledge and appreciation of many types of music, and performance arts in general, came through in all of our conversations. His partners at Range Recording Studios were all very experienced musically and in the promotion and marketing of musical talent, and Marc was a perfect fit. His involvement enabled the company to not just be instrumental to its "clients" but to its own brand. Range Recording is well respected in the community and in the industry, and Marc certainly played an integral role. Additionally, he was always responsive and thorough, aside from being a very pleasant person to engage in conversation with on many topics. I personally look forward to partnering with him in the future.” 
-Dawn Elyse Warden, Senior + Food editor, Main Line Today

“Marc is one of the most organized and on-track individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His involvement with our project was an invaluable asset and his management skills made sure work was completed in a timely and efficient manner. His ability to multitask and work seamlessly with diverse personalities across different disciplines is a phenomenon that is rarely encountered.”
-Niles Weiss, Musician, Bojibian (band) / Shark Tape (band)  

“If it weren't for Marc Eimer, the band would never have gotten off the ground. His immaculate planning and intelligent account management skills allowed us to tour and record in the most cost-efficient ways possible while his extensive promotional experience got our foot in the door in many different areas in the entertainment industry, leading to a great deal of opportunities that most new, young bands do not have the privilege to come across. How he managed to do all of this while acting as the GM of a high end recording studio is still a mystery to me.” 
-James Scullion, Musician, Bojibian (band)

“Marc and my company FreshFly collaborated on several music related video projects with Range Records. Marc's commitment to his company and the music industry was inspiring, and it shows immediately in his positive attitude and serious work ethic.” 
-Phil Bradshaw, Director of Photography, FreshFly LLC

“Working with Marc on the John Riley "Master Drummer" dvd was a very positive experience. From our initial contact through project completion, Marc was very accommodating and helpful in helping us achieve our final goal. I would not hesitate to work with Marc again.” 
-Tony Scimeca, Owner, Spotlight Video Productions

“Marc hired me to illustrate several album covers for Range Records a few years back. Under the direction of Marc and producer Aaron Levinson, I did album covers for Blues Anatomy with Jef Lee Johnson and Harmonious Wail. Marc was very clear with his input, but also very open to suggestion when it came to me sharing ideas. If the opportunity ever arose, I would definitely work with Marc Eimer again.” 
-Jeff Kilpatrick, Production Artist/Illustrator, Merion Publications

“Marc was a great partner of Drexel's Cooperative Education program. He proved to be a great mentor for and leader of our students. He provided a top notch learning experience and ran a well-oiled machine. Drexel students described their experience with him by saying that the best part of their job was Marc's ability and willingness to explain in fine detail each and everything going on with the studio on the business end.” 
-Mark Gress Jr., Employer Relations Coordinator, Drexel University - Steinbright Career Development Center

“Marc Eimer was my boss at Range Records, one of my first experiences in the Music Industry. I interned at Range Records as my first co-op of two while in the Music Industry program at Drexel University. Marc was an exceptional boss, who made sure that I understood what my job was, while giving me room to learn for myself. In addition, he showed interest in what my passions were within the industry and made sure to pass along work that would help me gain connections and experience within those areas. Being one of my first contacts in a rather hard industry to become a part of, Marc helped me to understand the path that was right for me and has stayed a mentor and good friend to this day.”
-Rachel Miller, Publicist, Big Picture Media

“Marc was the best manager that I have ever worked for. His professional work ethic, experiences, and his ability to explain everything clearly and in detail, would make him a great asset to any company. Marc has much expertise in the music industry and in marketing. He helped me improve my marketing techniques and taught me a great deal about the business side of the music industry. While working for Marc, he gave me opportunities to be creative with many projects. With his helpful input and honesty, I learned to go above and beyond my expectations.” 
-Mary Deming, Student, Drexel University

“Marc served as a great co-op employer for me during my internship at Range Recording Studios. He was always helpful, organized, professional and showed a deep knowledge of his industry. Aside from his attention to my work, I could tell that Marc had a deep appreciation for his clients and would often go that extra mile for them. I can see Marc as an asset to any company or project that he's involved with and would absolutely work with him again.” 
-Jennifer Delany, Student, Drexel University

“Marc was a great manager to work for. Organized, directed and knowledgeable, Marc was able to give me great insight into the music industry. He also introduced to me proven marketing techniques that allowed the studio to run and constantly acquire new clients.”
-Jake Davis, Student, Drexel University - College of Business and Administration

“I reported directly to Marc for a little over a year and I would not hesitate to work for him again. Marc combines his superior knowledge of the Music Industry with natural leadership abilities resulting in a successful and well respected manager. He truly is a music professional and I valued his guidance/knowledge while working at Range Records.” 
-John Merklinger, Student, Drexel University

“I am happy to recommend Marc most highly as an employee, boss, or manager. Already accomplished in managing and customer satisfaction, Marc is motivated to contribute those skills to an office or other organization where teamwork is paramount. His client understanding and management skills have given him both exceptional personal discipline and the social ability to enjoy working as an ensemble player. Marc is eager to please clients and will make as many changes as needed in order to see that the job is done and that the client is satisfied. Based on the experience I've had with Marc, I would rate him very high in both skills and personal character. I have had ample opportunity to observe his cheerful interactions with clients and his excellent relations with staff. Whoever is fortunate to be working with Marc in the future is bound to be well served and well pleased.” 
-Amanda Shames, Student, University of The Arts